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Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-22 14:36:43
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Thanks for your attention to Hunan New Welllink Advanced Metallic Material Co., Ltd. It’s my honor that you visit our website. I wish your visit will make you better know our company’s principle, value, and prospective.
We believe our acquaintance is an extremely precious fate, and with our mutual effort ,we are bound to turn that fate into long term partners and form a sincere friendship.
We always believe in and follow a Chinese traditional motto that “integrity has more value than productivity”. Our leadership team witnessed and experienced the rise and fall of a 70-year-old state owned company, which once led the whole industry. Although nowadays our business is of certain scale, there is not a single moment that we don’t keep in mind the hardship and motivation we once had at starting-up stage. We run business steadily, value staffs’ wellbeing, and serve customers with all heart. Therefore, we become a thriving, consistent, and trustworthy company in the industry, and we are full of hope and confidence for the future.
We firmly believe that honesty, mutual benefiting and always seeking for “win-win” is the basis for the long-term success of an enterprise, and also take it as the standard for selecting customers and making friends. We are eager to establish the most extensive cooperative relations with customers at home and abroad, but we focus more on serving customers for whom we can improve their value, and also adhere to the same business philosophy as we do, who are willing to go hand in hand with us and grow together with us.
We do pursue profits as all others do, but what we value more is the integrity engraved in our business philosophy and in our professional spirit. We hope to hear your heartfelt praise and acknowledgement through our cooperation, which is "your sincerity is true, not just the slogan in business".
Severe competition is happening every day and everywhere, and for us, quality and service are even more priceless than our rich experience and advanced technology. Our quality and service are what we rely on to ensure that all our customers are satisfied, and are also the outcome of putting our insightful business philosophy into practice. We here make a solemn commitment with our professionality to manufacture the most reliable products, and we here make a sincere commitment with our company culture that we will be your most trustworthy partner.
Finally, on behalf of all colleagues of Hunan New Welllink and in my own name, I would like to express my respect and sincere thanks to friends from all walks of life who have given us love and help for such a long time. At the same time, we would like to express our warmest welcome and heartfelt wishes to all people who have the intension of cooperation and build a long-lasting partnership with us!
I wish our cooperation success, and may our friendship last forever.
Chairman:Chen Zhiqiang

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