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As a key raw material for zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings, the zinc powder products are widely used in the coating of large steel structures (such as steel construction, marine engineering facilities, bridges, pipelines) as well as ships, containers which are inappropriate for hot-dipping and electroplating. Welllink’s zinc powder products for zinc-rich anti-corrosion coatings can be applied in the production of zinc-rich epoxy-coatings, and especially of the waterborne inorganic zinc-rich coatings owing to its good dispersivity, less deposition and non-flocculation. Using it as one of the raw materials, the coating enjoys a dense and smooth surface with thin lacquer film of uniformity, high covering power efficiency, strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance.



Zinc powder products are increasingly used for the sherardized anti-corrosion of relatively small steelworks, such as prefabricated steel components, bolts, screws, drive pins. Welllink’s zinc powder for sherardizing with particle size of uniformity has extremely high adaptability and reaction with permeation agents. When applied in steelworks of mechanical galvanization and sherardizing, the coating features moderate thickness as well as smooth, dense and glossy surface which ensure the corrosion resistance of sherardized products’ coating and the performance of construction and installation of sherardized products which may be affected by its thickness.



In the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries, zinc powder products have been used in the production of intermediates of medicine and pesticide, in the process of catalysis for organic compounds synthesis and hydrogen bonds generation. In line with the characteristics of production process of pharmaceutical and pesticide industries and under the health and environmental safety requirements, Welllink’s zinc powder for medicine and pesticide is produced with strict requirement of chemical components and particle size distribution, featuring high content of zinc and low content of harmful substances (such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, iron). It boasts moderate chemical reaction, strong catalytic action, less consumption and impurities.



Zinc powder products are often used in metallurgical processes of non-ferrous metals, such as zinc, gold, silver, indium, platinum, etc., acting in the process of the reduction and displacement reactions as well as the removal of impurities. According to different characteristics of various non-ferrous metals and their special production processes, Welllink’s zinc powder for metallurgical reduction is customized with its chemical compounds and particle size parameters matching with various non-ferrous metallurgical reduction processes, featuring moderate reduction and displacement reactions, low consumption, high impurity removal rate and high purity.



Zinc powder products are seen in the production of chemical products, such as rongalite, dye intermediate, plastic additives, sodium hydrosulfite and lithopone, mainly acting in catalysis, reduction process and hydrogen ions generation. For the benefit of clients in need of different performances of zinc powder in different applications, Welllink’s zinc powder for chemical production enjoys stable standard performance, moderate chemical reaction rate, high efficiency of chemical reactions, less residue, and low consumption of unit product.



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