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Established in 2002 as a joint-stock private company, Changsha New Welllink Zinc Industry Co., LTD (hereinafter refers to Changsha Welllink) was mainly staffed by some core personnel of two former state-owned enterprises----Changsha Zinc Factory and Changsha Welllink Zinc-Base Material Co., LTD., through the reform of state-owned enterprises in China. Registered in Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changsha Welllink with its subsidiaries as New Welllink New Material Company in Hunan and Xinfa Zinc and Lead Smeltery in Shuicheng County in Guizhou, are specializing in the R&D, production and sales of nonferrous metal products including superfine zinc powder, flake zinc powder, zinc-ingot, and zinc-oxide, etc.

With the advanced technology inherited from former state-owned enterprises in their long history, outstanding personnel and fine traditions, Changsha Welllink has continuously made innovations and progresses. As patentee, it boasts “Gas-heated Horizontal Zinc Powder Furnace” and “Zinc Oxide (indirect method) Processing Equipment by Flame Proof Reverberator” and other national patents. In line with ASTM D520-00 and ROHS, its principal products include environment-friendly superfine low Pb Zinc Powder and high-purity zinc powder, which overmatch National Standards of the People's Republic of China. With an annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons, Changsha Welllink takes the lead in zinc powder industry in China.

Changsha Welllink has obtained the certificate of ISO9001 and other relevant national certificates. In accordance with the operational principle of “Credibility and Integrity, Win-Win Coexistence, Wining Clients with Sincerity, Quality and Services, and Win Clients for Clients”, Changsha Welllink endeavors to provide clients with superior products and comprehensive services. Enjoying reliability and high quality, Changsha Welllink’s products are well received by clients in anti corrosion zinc-rich coating, metallurgy, chemical engineering, medicine, dye manufacturing, galvanization, military and other industries both at home and abroad.

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